About Us

Kitchen Countertops Installation North Bay & Sudbury

Nova Stone offers countertop fabrication and countertop installation services in North Bay, Sudbury, and surrounding areas. Formerly known as Prestige Flooring & Granite Countertops, Nova Stone brings you decades of experience, a team of driven professionals, and old-world, old-school quality craftsmanship that lasts. While the company has grown, it has added new technology and new positions to match, in CNC operation, Fabrication, Installation, and Sales. In other words, tradition and technology meet in our fabrication and manufacturing operation.

The family and its values are the foundation Nova Stone is built upon. Here’s an introduction to the key players behind Nova Stone

Miroslaw Gorecki, President

Miroslaw has over three decades of experience, providing him and Nova Stone’s clients with a wealth of knowledge to rely on. When the family emigrated from Poland in 1985, one thing many clients have noticed is that he brought his old-world, old-school commitment to quality to their home in North Bay. He provides the steady, experienced hand that can help the success of any project.

Rob Gorecki, Vice-President

Rob says he was “bred to be in this business,” having started working with his parents before he was even out of his teens. With close to two decades of experience, he brings a perfect balance of traditional craftsmanship and ethics, and an understanding of how technology makes working with natural stone products more convenient and affordable for today’s homeowner when they beautify their kitchen, bathroom, or any room.

Jadwiga Gorecki, Administrator

She’s the matriarch that provides many years experience running a business. That means Nova Stone’s clients benefit from a well-run business office, which ensures smooth operations on a daily basis.

Victoria Gorecki, Sales Representative

Victoria is the helpful, knowledgeable person who connects the communication cord between customers and the production team. She will provide all of the information necessary to assist you in picking your dream countertop!

Cory Wiseman, Shop / CNC Maintenance, and Product Installer

Do you need it? Cory has he’ll do it attitude and is filled with the information and skills that help keep the mechanics and the shop running at its best potential. He’s also part of the installation team, ensuring the success and efficiency when bringing beautiful stone creations into your home.

Dillon Bursey, CNC Programmer, and Operator

Very well acquainted with computer technologies, Dillon proficiently influences Nova Stone’s productivity by programming and operating the CNC machine, assisting with on-site computer problems and website maintenance.