Our countertop manufacturing workflow

Novastone’s process breaks down to 4 basic steps. We handle natural materials up to 68” X 135”, to create your dream kitchen, bath or other room using natural stone surfaces. Here’s how we do it.



Our manufacturing process

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      On Site
      We visit your site, to view the area, explore any specifics that make your area unique, providing a custom solution just for you. Our team is there from the very beginning, so Nova Stone takes your project from start to finish. We’re there in-person, so you’ll see our attitude and our goals are all about making sure you love our work and you’ll love your home.

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      Digital Templating
      This is where the latest technological advances come into the picture. Using a system called “Proliner,” we employ sophisticated, precision-based technology that accurately measures for your project. Before we even leave your home, we can instantly send your measurements to our shop, saving time on the job.

    • 3

      Our CNC operator will take the beautiful strong raw materials you’ve selected, and begin shaping them to your needs. Using North Bay and area’s most advanced fabrication facility and equipment, the cutting, shaping and polishing takes place. View the video found on our Manufacturing page to learn more about the equipment we use, supplied by Breton. We invested in the best, so you know your investment in your home is a solid one.

    • 4

      Installation is the last piece of the puzzle, and begins with safe transportation of your finished piece or pieces, to maintain their perfect edges and the integrity of each slab. It will be fitted precisely, seamed, sealed, and properly supported. We have a lifetime product warranty and we back our work.